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Nucleus Productions is your online one-stop destination for original quality music productions. We offer a variety of creative compositions for urban and contemporary artists, as well as multi-media productions for commercials, sound tracks, film scores and video games. 

Welcome to Nucleus Productions @nucleusbeats.com. Where the journey begins. We are your online music marketplace and one-stop destination for original quality music productions with a swag of its own in the genres of Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul and Pop. We offer a variety of creative music compositions for urban and contemporary artists, as well as multi-media, commercial productions, sound tracks, film scores and video games. 

Nucleus Productions is a team of veteran producers, who each have over a decade of experience in music production and studio recording. We have worked with many aspiring artists over the years, and we have witnessed and have been victims of the red tape and bureaucracy in the industry. Getting in the music game is not easy, if it were we would have over a dozen #1 Hits by now! After working with local artists and labels with dead end deals, we had the bright idea of redirecting our focus and providing our services to artists worldwide. As you may know, many record labels are trendy, and they are looking for artists and a type of sound to copy cat what's hot on the charts at the time. Unfortunately, that's why there are so many one hit wonders. But with any trend, it is usually started by someone thinking outside the box.

As we stated, it's hard to get in the music industry, but if you do...it's even harder to stay in it and be relevant!  There are literally thousands of artists like you, and producers like us that are trying to make it in the industry. A major problem with that is the game is now saturated with a lot of biters and sound alikes, and labels push the same types of artists in heavy rotation. So, that's why after listening to the radio for awhile, it seems like everything that comes on starts to sound the same. But we know that there are a lot of lyricists and artists across the nation and even worldwide that are considered underground, or unorthodoxed, and even non-traditional that refuse to sound like the status quo on the air waves, or what the labels dictate as hot. These lyricists and artists are creative visionaries in their own right, who have content with substance, and they have something relevant to say. These are the artists that we want to target. We offer our productions as your platform.   

What makes you stand out and sets you apart from the crowd is what we call C.O.A.T. It doesn't matter what kind of COAT you have, but every successful artist has it. It makes all the difference from dreaming about it, and actually making it happen to live that dream! What is this well worn COAT for success? Well, it's your Creativity, Originality, Attitude and Talent. With this, our main objective is to stay true to who we are. Our goal is to make an impact and have longivity as trendsetters in music. Our productions are created for serious artists, who dare to be unique and original. Our signature production style embraces the contemporary sound of urban America, and it emulates the dynamics of soundtrack, theme music and featured instruments, with a swag of it's own. Our productions can also be easily used as instrumental and background music for many multi-media purposes.

If you are looking for a different experience, your journey begins here. For those of you who will not compromise the integrity of your originality and are already traveling outside the box, you are in the right place at the right time. We have plenty of tracks to choose from to compliment many styles, and collectively we have catalogues of beats and instrumentals that we will feature and premiere on our site for lease and purchase. We have worked countless hours making tracks and we have grinded for years underground, under the radar, and off the charts...until now.

Our clients expect quality, and we provide nothing less.  Our production team takes what we do seriously, putting forth all our resources and energy to meet our client's satisfaction.

Because, as we all know, the nucleus is the center or core of an atom, cell or object. It's the foundation and central structure. In music, the right beat, instrumental or track is the center, core or foundation for a hit! Nucleus Productions gives you the right sound for success!

Production Note: Our production team has over a decade of studio recording experience, and to insure  our clients the best quality for their final mixes and masterings of our leased or purchased productions, we prefer and recommend to send our Exclusive tracks and beats in their original raw recordings. The reason why is because if you are an artist that is exclusively leasing or purchasing a beat and you plan on having the finished song mixed and mastered, you may have a problem. All of our uploaded productions online have been pre-mixed and pre-mastered for promotional purposes. Please understand that if a track or beat is already pre-mixed and pre-mastered, it may limit the capabilities of the recording producer and engineer. Why? Because if the levels are already recorded at 0db or capacity anything over that may be distorted. Based on experience, it is best to provide a raw or virgin track without any mix, mastering or effects so that the recording producer or engineer can have full control of the final mixing and mastering. However, if you are satisfied with the pre-mix and pre-master of our production as is, you will be provided that version upon purchase.   

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Nucleus Production @ nucleusbeats.com
Nucleus Productions @ nucleusbeats.com